Festivals & Concerts
Fashion Shows
Corporate & Hospitality Events
Press Conferences
Décor and themeing
Backstage Support
Artist Liason

Robbie Williams Concert
The Pointe The Palm
Feb 2020

Back Stage support for all dressing room requirements

Bruno Mars NYE Concert
Yas Island Abu Dhabi
JAN 2020

Artist liaison & freelancers

Ray-Ban #ProudToBelong
launch, Dubai
JUNE 2019

Event management, workshop,
entertainment & freelancers.

Rayban Event, Dubai
FEB 2020

Event management, workshop,
entertainment & freelancers.

Special Olympics World Games,
Abu Dhabi
MARCH 2019


Velaa Private Island Maldives
2018 – 2019

Décor & theming

The Pope’s State Visit to Abu Dhabi
FEB 2019

Ceremonial mass:
Freelancers & stage requirements.

Atlantis The Palm
Halloween Party – Zombieland
OCT 2019

Décor & theming.

District One Kids Festival
DEC 2019

Décor & theming,
entertainment & catering.

Dubai World Cup
2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

Décor & theming
for hospitality lounges.

“Great big events have enjoyed a 10+ year working relationships with
The Fixer Agency delivering events in Dubai and the UAE. Their team
are always professional and no challenge is too big for them to solve!

We look forward to another decade
of delivering great big events!”
Georgia Marr – International Relations Manager